Nature to Night Out

Macy's, Mountain Equipment Co-op

The Nature to Night Out deal will help ensure that your special someone gets the wardrobe they want. Whether it’s being out in the wilderness during the day with the help of Mountain Equipment Co-op’s extensive line of outdoor accessories, or living it up at night with Macy's unrivalled brand selection, this package will ensure they are the best-dressed wherever they go.

Renovating Home and Heart

eHarmony, Rona

eHarmony has been one of the leading online dating websites since day one, which makes it the perfect gift for someone you know who deserves lifelong love. Coupled up with ACE Hardware, this gift is sure to please anyone who enjoys not only building a home but building a life.

The Student Special

Staples, Old Navy

Perfect for both a new graduate or someone who’s making their way back to the academic life. This gift offers the recipient the opportunity to revamp their wardrobe before hitting the books while also allowing them to invest in the best school supplies, ranging from notebooks to laptops!

The Chef's Special

Second Cup, Whole Foods

Help someone nourish their body and soul with this classic combination. Grocery shopping will be a breeze with the help of Whole Foods, who offer the best in nutrition and organic choices. Second Cup teas, coffees and treats will relax and center anyone who needs a little stress relief in their day.

Spot and Sports

Petco, NBA store

Any pet owner knows how important it is to give their furry (or scaly) friend only the best in brands of toys and food. Give a gift to both owner and pet with this offer from PetCo. Tied together with a gift card from the NBA Shop, this diehard fan can get all his or her threads before the big game.

Tech meets Style

TJ Maxx, Best Buy

TJ Maxx has been a household name for decades thanks to their amazing array of products and prices. Best Buy is one of the biggest names in everything technological, carrying everything from laptops to TVs, calculators to phone cases and much more. That makes this a pefect gift for anyone on your list!

The Soothing Style

Ace Hardware, Banana Republic, Lush Cosmetics

An all-purpose package that covers all of your bases! This perfect trio of gift cards will take care of more than just one on your list. With ACE Hardware to help bring organization to the home, Banana Republic and their affiliate stores to bring a pop of colour to the wardrobe and Lush Cosmetics to bring a bit of peace to the soul, this deal is one you don’t want to miss out on.

The Cupid Combo

Hertz, Amazon, eHarmony

What more could you give the dreamy-eyed romantic in your life? Step one, browse Amazon's impressive rating system to find a high-speed, affordable laptop. Step two, sign up for one of the leading dating website in the country. Step three, impress your newfound love with your sweet new ride thanks to Hertz. Simple!

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